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No rating results yet ">60″ ass. $900 No rating results yet

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60" ass. $900 This joint might keep a lot of dudes from the strip club lol. available at 

No rating results yet ">Kanye West and Common to bring 20,000 jobs to Chicago No rating results yet

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We often demand our celebrities give us something back, even if it's just words to live by, or a sign that they are still connected to our struggle. Standing ovation fo Ye and Common, while this won't stop the drug ga...

0/5 (1) ">NFL Concept Helmets dope. 0/5 (1)

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There's nothing about concussion reduction, but, overall I like the look and designs. L

No rating results yet ">Apple uniquely positioned to be car company No rating results yet

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Apple Inc. may already be positioned to evolve into a global automaker in many ways that other Silicon Valley companies aren't.The California-based tech company has put a few hundred employees to work on a secreti...

0/5 (6) ">Sexy dance video…” 0/5 (6)

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It's worth a watch!!

No rating results yet ">Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao agree to $250 million Las Vegas fight No rating results yet

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The deal is reportedly done. The biggest fight in boxing history is expected to take place May 2.According to The Telegraph, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have finally come to terms in what will be the riche...

5/5 (1) ">Kanye West’s adidas debut, the YEEZYBOOST? 5/5 (1)

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A mysterious website called surfaced earlier this week featuring a countdown timer. It's now beenconfirmed that the site is related to Kanye and is likely when Yeezus will announce his brand new line with...

No rating results yet ">Greg Anthony, basketball analyst and former Knick, arrested and charged with soliciting a prostitute No rating results yet

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Anthony, who played for the Knicks from 1991-95, calls college games for CBS and also works for Turner Sports. Anthony was released Friday evening, according to police.Greg Anthony is seen here on the Knicks in 1995....

No rating results yet ">KFC’s Fire Double Down Maxx Looks Like It Might Burn A Hole Through Your Esophagus No rating results yet

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What's fried and chickeny and red all over? That'd be KFC Korea's Fire Double Down Maxx, the newest member of the Colonel's ever-growing Double Down menu series.The fast food chain's dewy darling features two spic...

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