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No rating results yet ">Kim Kardasian breaks the net!! No rating results yet

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I'd be on that ass like

No rating results yet ">Tiny’s Eye color change No rating results yet

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I'll start by saying I have absolutely no problem with changing eye color. In my opinion, we've been altering ourselves since the beginning of time, from extended necks, lips, stretched ears, waist trainin...

No rating results yet ">11 New York Jets Players Using Dating App Tinder No rating results yet

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The New York Jets are looking to return to the playoffs this season, but a handful of players also are looking for love. That’s why some of them have turned to Tinder. The Wall Street Journal recently profiled a numbe...

No rating results yet ">Curing Impotence with Endangered Frog Juice No rating results yet

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Symbiotic is a new Motherboard series that delves into the beautiful and twisted interactions between man and animal and the interdependent tussle between the two species in the name of mutual survival.How...

No rating results yet ">Bangladesh Trixx Starring @Lena Chase No rating results yet

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It's Super producer Shondre "Bangladesh" Crawford with a rarely used twist on making a music video, and song promotion. You may remember back in the day, George Michael made a music vidoe that he didn't appear in, he ...

No rating results yet ">Scientific Reason Why Men Are Attracted To Big Butts No rating results yet

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Here’s The Surprising Scientific Reason Why Men Are Attracted To Big Butts by brenna ehrlichTheir anacondas don't want none unless you... got good genetic material, hun.Nowadays — if popular music is to b...

No rating results yet ">2014 Earnings -Hip Hop FORBES list is in. No rating results yet

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2014 Earnings -Hip Hop FORBES list is in. Looks like it's plenty of money in music...1. DR. DRE - $620 MILLION2. JAY Z - $60 MILLION2/3. DIDDY - $60 MILLION4. DRAKE - $33 MILLION5. MACKLEMORE &...

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