Super Bowl 49: Castrating A Beast
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The Isis Papers Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

5 Time Pro Bowl running back Marshawn Lynch was one yard from brandishing back-to-back Super Bowl titles and MVP hardware to match his gold fronts and African medallions. Three feet. The Seattle Seahawks inexplicably faltered 36 inches from triumph. With a first and goal on the 1-yard line, Lynch wasn’t allowed to touch the ball – or his balls.
Absent a reasonable explanation, it’s logical to suspect that powerful Whites may have decided that an obstinate black beastwould not be permitted a super-bowl-winning touchdown and the requisite temptation for the most defiant end zone celebration in NFL history. A black male palming three balls.
Fans, players and analysts will offer a wealth of interpretations and a more cogent, transparent investigation of the decisive moments of Super Bowl 49 than the Ferguson grand jury proceedings.

Most of that discourse won’t suggest that another demon(ized) black male was subjected to Racism. If the Empire of White Supremacy obstructs and contaminates grand juries, police departments, McDonalds, and enlisted black female’s ability to maintain healthy, natural hair, why wouldn’t Whites thwart the success of uppity thugs niggers like Lynch and Richard Sherman?

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